Bitcoin Identity

Your Name is Your Bitcoin Address

Your Name is Your Bitcoin Address

What your Bitcoin address used to be


How your Bitcoin address looks now with BTC.ID

* Jhon is a username upon registration
* Donasi is the label that you entered to the address 1Cg9yCuZitwbiptR46bBcF4WYhxQ6P3rXx

Why should I create an account in BTC.ID?

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Make it easier for people to remember your Bitcoin Address

BTC.ID can help you convert your Bitcoin address from something like this 1FP1toj2osvcV2EWjEf7SwyPCRuwTr2dTL to your preferred name or username (example: Remembering your Bitcoin address is now as easy as remembering your name!
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Sharing Bitcoin address is just as fast and easy as sharing links through social media

You no longer need to waste your time logging in to your Bitcoin wallet in order to get and share your Bitcoin address. With BTC.ID, your Bitcoin address will show up in a form of a link that you can share anywhere and anytime you like. Your friend can just easily click on it and retrieve your Bitcoin address, along with a QR Code version of it for them to scan to make the transfer much easier.
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Security in the palm of your hand

There’s not only one or two people in the world who have failed miserably when doing a Bitcoin transaction just because they have entered a wrong public address. One single failure of typing down one character in the address, may lead your Bitcoin to nothingness. With BTC.ID, you will no longer have to face this problem ever again because it is written in your own username.
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BTC.ID does not keep your Private Keys

When you create an account in BTC.ID, you will only be asked to provide your e-mail and Bitcoin address. You will not be asked to hand down your Private Keys—actually, we hope you can keep them safely hidden from anyone in the world. BTC.ID is not a wallet provider and we will not act like one, which is why we won’t generate or keep your Private Keys.

How to get a Bitcoin Address written in your name

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Register now in BTC.ID and enjoy our free service for the rest of your life!
Remember, you won't be able to change the username you used to sign up and you will always be using it as the first name of your new Bitcoin Address URL, so choose wisely!

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Enter your Bitcoin address.
Then enter your desired label as a reminder of your bitcoin address.

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Your Bitcoin address is now memorable, easy and fun to share, and seems more ‘human’ compared to your original one. {.} your_label

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