General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “SKU“) INDODAX is a provision that contains terms and conditions regarding usage of products, services, technology, service features provided by INDODAX including, but not limited to Website use, Indonesian Bitcoin Pocket and INDODAX Trading Platform (Trading App) (hereinafter referred to as the “INDODAX PLATFORM”) as long as it is not specifically regulated as stated in the registration section of the INDODAX Account created on the day and date listed in Account registration section, an inseparable entity and approval of this SKU. By registering as a Member/Verified Member, You declare it has been READING, UNDERSTANDING, AGREE and OBSERVE Terms and Conditions below. You are advised to read all terms and conditions carefully before using INDODAX platform services or all services provided, and together with this you agree and commit yourself to all activities in this SKU with the following terms and conditions:

As long as the context of the sentence does not specify otherwise, the terms or definitions in the SKU has the following meanings:
  1. Website refer to the online site with the address This Website is managed by INDODAX, not limited to owners, investors, employees and parties associated with INDODAX. Depending on the context, “Website” can also refer to services, products, sites, contents or other services provided by INDODAX.
  2. Crypto Assets are digital commodities that use principles of peer-to-peer (interface) network-based decentralized technology or called Blockchain Network that is traded inside INDODAX platform.
  3. Blockchain is open distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a way that can be permanently verified.
  4. Registration is the registration process to become a Member on INDODAX platform which is the initial verification process to obtain information, a statement in the use of INDODAX platform service.
  5. Member are people (individuals), business entities or legal entities that have registered with INDODAX platform, thus obtaining authorization from INDODAX platform to conduct Crypto Asset trading activities.
  6. Verification is process of examining Members regarding Member related information and personal information included in the Registration process to be validated by INDODAX in order to get the full service of the INDODAX platform.
  7. Verified Member are Member who have gone through and completed the Verification stage conducted by INDODAX.
  8. Service is a service provided by INDODAX in facilitating Verified Member to carry out activities to buy and sell Crypto Asset.
  9. Crypto Asset Trading Activities is the activity of buying and selling Crypto Assets on the basis of achieving the points of agreement of Verified Member in the platform provided by INDODAX.
  10. Account Member is access given to Member/Verified Member to obtain information and to conduct Crypto Asset trading activities through INDODAX platform.
  11. Password is a collection of characters consisting of alpha-numeric sequences or a combination of both and used by Member/Verified Member to verify their identity to the security system at   INDODAX platform.
  12. Phone number is the registered Member/Verified Member telephone number so that you get authorization to get service. Changes to telephone numbers can be made by following the rules on the help page available at Website.
  13. Conversion is the change in the value of a fiat or kartal currency into a form or format Crypto Assets based on exchange rate/rate that applies and vice versa.
  14. Buyer is Verified Member who purchases Crypto Assets through INDODAX platform. In the transaction mechanism, the buyer can purchase Crypto Assets based on the Rupiah exchange rate/rate.
  15. Seller is Verified Member who sells Crypto Assets through INDODAX platform. In the transaction mechanism, the seller can sell Crypto Assets based on the Rupiah exchange rate/rate.
  16. Deposit is process of depositing Rupiah/Crypto Assets by Member/Verified Member which refers to the process or top up mechanism carried out through the INDODAX Member/Verified Member
  17. Withdraw is the withdrawal process Rupiah/Crypto Asset by Verified Memberwho refers to the process or mechanism of withdrawal conducted through the INDODAX Verified Member Account.
  18. Crypto Asset Prices is the exchange rate/rateof Crypto Assets in INDODAX platform that is volatile, with value according to supply and demand in the market.
  19. Address of Crypto Assets is Member/Verified Member’s Crypto Asset pocket address, created specifically for Member/Verified Membersand can be used multiple times as a Crypto Assets pocket provided on the INDODAX platform. In its technical factors, the address of Crypto Assets has a role or function to receive and send Crypto Assets.
  20. Crypto Asset Delivery Limit is the minimum and maximum limit for sending Crypto Assets to the other Crypto Asset pockets per day. It is necessary to explain that each Verified Member Account will have a different shipping limit and be adjusted to these Terms and Conditions with the applicable Laws and Regulations.
  21. Rupiah Withdrawal Limit is minimum and maximum limit of Rupiah withdrawals per day regarding the limit for Rupiah withdrawal. It is necessary to explain that each Verified Member Account will have a different withdrawal limit that is adjusted to the Terms and Conditions and the applicable Laws and Regulations.
  22. Bank Account is bank account that has been registered by Member with the obligation to have an account name and Member name.
  23. Order Bookis list of selling prices and purchase prices available on Website. Verified Member can buy or sell Crypto Assets using the prices listed and to facilitate Verified Member Order Bookdivided into two parts, namely:
    1. Market Buy – List of Crypto Asset purchase requests complete with the number of Crypto Assets and prices offered.
    2. Market Sell – List of Crypto Assets sold complete with the number of Crypto Assets and the requested price.
  24. Crypto Asset Pocket is a component software and information for storing and using Crypto Assets.
  25. Voucher INDODAXis a product issued by INDODAX platform in the form of proof of ownership of Crypto Assets in the form electronic vouchers for use in Crypto Asset trading activities.
  26. Rupiah is the currency of the Republic of Indonesia. Currency traded against Crypto Assets on theINDODAX platform.
  27. KYC (Know Your Customer) Principles is the process of evaluating prospective Member and Member to know the background and good faith in the actions that will be carried out in a Crypto Asset trading activities.
  28. AML (Anti Money Laundering) is activity to anticipate and stop money laundering practices.
  29. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)is a form of legal instrument relating to Data Privacy that is applied to all companies in the world that have stored, prepared and processed personal data of European Union residents. This policy has to provide protection against the confidentiality of personal or individual data. The application of this rule will be effective on May 25, 2018.
  30. Security System 2 (two) Steps (Two Step Verification)is a service provided by the INDODAX platform as an option for Verified Member in providing additional security for Verified Member Accounts.


  1.  Requirements to be a Member are:
    • Member can process registration or Member registration through INDODAX platform;
    • Agree and coincide to comply with these General Terms and Conditions;
    • At least 18 (eighteen) years old, or married; and
    • Have a legal identity.
    • Is not citizen from United States, Myanmar, Cote D`Ivoire, Cuba, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Syrian Arab Republic, Belarus, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and North Korea.
  2. For each registration process, prospective Member must show all and every data in accordance with personal identity in the form:
    • Name (in accordance with the personal identity attached);
    • Home address according to identity;
    • Current residence address;
    • Telephone number or Mobile (number must be active and used personally);
    • Place and date of birth (according to the personal identity attached);
    • Citizenship;
    • Gender;
    • Photo of valid identity card. Identity cards that can be used are: Identity Card (KTP), Driver’s License (SIM), Passport, Limited Stay Permit (KITAS), and Limited Stay Permit (KITAP);
    • Work;
    • E-mail (e-mail address) that is active;
  3. And/or everything was requested and needed with regard to specified registration requirements, and the prospective Member hereby declare and guarantee that any data/explanation/document/information/statement given are related to registration process as Member INDODAX is complete, original, true and in accordance with actual situation and is the latest data/explanation/document/information/statement that has not been amended and is still valid/not expired and no changes or other conditions have been agreed based on internal policy registration page on Website.
  4. Member hereby agree that the process of becoming Member INDODAX will only be effective after all INDODAX requirements are fulfilled by the Member and the registration process has gone through the verification process to be approved by INDODAX. All risks arising in connection with the closing/blocking/freezing of Accounts caused by errors and/or negligence of Verified Member, will be the responsibility of Verified Member and INDODAX will not compensate Verified Member or Party in any form for any claim/suit and compensation from Verified Member or any Party in connection with the closing of Verified Member.
  5. All data, explanation, information, statement, document obtained by INDODAX regarding the Member/Verified Member, will be the property of INDODAX and INDODAX have the right to verify, match, assess, keep confidential or use them for the benefit of INDODAX in accordance with the applicable legal provisions without obligation INDODAX to notify or request approval, provide guarantees or compensation and for any reason to the Member/Verified Member.
  6. INDODAX will regulate, manage and carry out supervise according to procedures specified by the INDODAX for all data, explanation, information, statement, document or anything related to the Member/Verified Member or the business activities or Member/Verified Member transactions related to Member/Verified Member.
  7. Member/Verified Member approves and authorizes INDODAX to use all data, explanation and information obtained by INDODAX regarding Member/Verified Member including but not limited to using Member/Verified Member’s personal communication facilities for all other purposes as long as possible and permitted by Legislation that applies, including those aimed at marketing for INDODAX or for other parties in collaboration with INDODAX. For data usage that requires the approval of other parties, Member/Verified Member declares that they have given written approval to any Third Party for use such data, explanation and information, and therefore INDODAX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to Member/Verified Member and any party for any risk, claim, suit and/or compensation that may arise in the future related to use of data, explanation and information that has obtained such written approval by INDODAX.
  1. Every Account opened will be administered by INDODAX based on the special identification according to the Member/Verified Member’s namewhich will also apply as the name/identity of Account as stated in the Member/Verified Member’s Member/Verified Member was prohibited from using a Member/Verified Member Account other than Member/Verified Member’s Account, or accessing other Member/Verified Member Accounts, or helping other people in order to get unauthorized access to the Account. All usage Member/Verified Member Account is the sole responsibility of the Account owner recorded in the Website system.
  2. Member/Verified Membermust use and include Member/Verified Member email and password verified by INDODAX at registration. The INDODAX system will automatically reject the service process for the Account, if it is not accompanied by the correct email and password. Member/Verified Member are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of password, Account, PIN, access Crypto Asset pocket, email login access and all types of activities that include transactions in Member/Verified Member Member/Verified Member fully responsible for the use of passwords and Accounts in INDODAX. If there is password and/or Account usage without permission from the Member/Verified Member and other alleged violations occur, Member/Verified Member must contact INDODAX by sending e-mail to accompanied by supporting information. INDODAX not responsible for losses incurred due to misuse of Accounts and/or passwords, with or without Member/Verified Member knowledge.
  3. Member/Verified Memberagrees not to use the services provided by Website to commit criminal acts of any kind, including but not limited to, money laundering, gambling, the purchase of illegal goods, terrorist activities or hacking activities. Each Member/Verified Member who violates these rules can be dismissed and must be responsible for the losses suffered by INDODAX or other users inside Website. INDODAX has the right to close the Account and freeze funds, Crypto Asset and transactions therein if it finds suspicious activities in the Account up to an indefinite time.
Member/Verified Member can find out their Account information through INDODAX service provided and set by INDODAX. MEMBER/VERIFIED MEMBER DATA CHANGES

Changes in Member/Verified Member Account Name

Changes in Member/Verified Member Account Name can be carried out by a mechanism that is required to send the old name and new name of Account owner, username, e-mail, telephone number, and identity card number used (KTP/SIM/Passport/KITAS/KITAP). INDODAX will carry out data matching process and will confirm to telephone number registered in Member/Verified Member Account to avoid the fraud. If the change process has passed, the Account name will change according to wishes of Member/Verified Member. With regard to change of name of this Account, Examples of allowed reasons are: misspelling of names, wanting to change the name to the name of parent because they are not old enough or the name of the husband/wife because they do not have a bank account in their own name. In the matter if the name of the Account owner still has relationship between relatives or parents, prospective Member/Verified Member are required to send soft-copy of the Family Card to [email protected] with subject ‘Complete Account Renaming Data’. If Member/Verified Member with the owner’s name is a conjugal relationship, prospective Member/Member/Verified Member is required to send soft-copy of the Marriage certificate.

Changes in Supporting Data

Changes and Updates of Supporting Data must be done by Member/Verified Member of data in the form of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other supporting data in accordance with current conditions. This is in accordance with KYC (Know Your Customer) Principles applied by INDODAX. Changes and Updates Data is carried out by sending e-mail with subject ‘Change Data’ to [email protected] by writing down what Member/Verified Member data wants to adjust along with the reason for the change. The change process must be accompanied by inclusion personal identity soft-copy, username, full name, address, e-mail, old data that you want to change and data changes. Furthermore, INDODAX will provide a notification by calling main telephone number or alternative telephone number that has been registered.

Changes in Password

Changes in Password is possible as a reason for security and the mechanism is available in this services. For the security reasons after replacing password, Member/Verified Member Account will be locked for 48 (forty eight) hours. Member/Verified Member cannot withdraw funds when the Account is locked even though other transaction are running as usual. Member/Verified Member can reopen Member/Verified Member Account by re-entering the Authentic Google PIN or verify the SMS PIN on the ‘Security‘ menu.

Website allow Verified Member to conduct trading activities on Website about:
  1. Purchase Crypto Assets in Rupiah.
  2. Sales Crypto Assets in Rupiah.
  3. To depositmoney in Rupiah.
  4. Make withdrawals in Rupiah.
  5. Barter trade between Crypto Asset against fellow users inside Website.
  6. Sending Crypto Asset to the Member/VerifiedOther Member inside Website and user Crypto Asset outside Website.
  7. Production and service of sending INDODAX Vouchers which can be disbursed into Rupiah balances in other INDODAX Accounts.
  8. Receive depositsin various forms Crypto Asset.
  • Market Maker Method Is a method in services where Verified Member can determine the selling/buying price in conducting Crypto Asset trading transactions using both Rupiah and Crypto Asset.
  • Market Taker Method Is a method in services where Verified Member can buy/sale Crypto Asset with Rupiah, instantly or directly by buying at the point of agreement contained in the marketplace without the need to wait for the price to touch the desired nominal point.
  • Stop Order Method Is a method in services that has Stop Loss or Take Profit function. This method begins with determining the Stop Price by Verified Member both on the buy and/or sell table, at this stage Stop Price has the function of the trigger as a means of determining trade transactions Asset Crypto , specifically buy and sell transactions will only be executed when reach the specified value.When the price has reached Stop Price, the trigger will be activated automatically by the system so that the order will be executed instantly.
Transaction fees in INDODAX seen from the online process can be viewed periodically and change at any time based on the policy of INDODAX. DISCLAIMER, DELAY, AND CANCELLATION OF TRANSACTIONS
  1. com has the right to postpone and/or reject transactions if INDODAX knows or based on consideration, suspects that fraudulent activities and/or criminal actions have been and/or will be carried out.
  2. Member/Verified Memberagrees and acknowledges that as long as it is permissible by applicable legal provisions, INDODAX must refuse to process all transactions.
  3. Member/Verified Memberacknowledges that INDODAX complies with the Law on financial crimes, including but not limited to, the Law on the Eradication of Corruption Crimes and the Law of Money Laundering in force in Indonesia and internationally, all laws and regulations applicable in Indonesia and INDODAX internal policies. For this purpose, Member/Verified Member hereby agrees to provide all information requested by INDODAX in order to fulfill these laws and regulations including but not limited to name, address, age, gender, personal identity statement, income, employment, assets, debt, source of wealth, purpose of opening an Account, investment objectives, all financial plans or other related financial information from Member/Verified Member. If needed by INDODAX, Member/Verified Member also agrees to provide the latest data about that information to INDODAX.
  4. INDODAX is obliged to comply with the laws, regulations and requests of community institutions and the governments in different jurisdictions relating to the prevention of financing for, namely, terrorists and sanctioned parties. This can cause INDODAX to intercept and investigate all payment orders and other information or communications sent to or by Member/Verified Member, or on behalf of the Member/Verified Member through the INDODAX system. This process can also involve INDODAX to conduct further investigations to determine whether the name that appears in all transactions carried out or will be carried out by the Member/Verified Memberthrough the Account is the name of the terrorist.
  5. INDODAX will not be responsible for any loss (directly and including but not limited to profit or interest loss) or loss suffered by any party arising from delay or negligence from INDODAX to process all payment orders or other information or communication or to carry out all other obligations, which are caused in whole or in part by all actions taken based on number 4 of the Transaction’s Rejection and Delay provisions.
  6. INDODAX is authorized to monitor Member/Verified MemberAccounts in order to prevent financial crime.
  7. Member/Verified Memberunderstands and agrees that every transaction done by the INDODAX is final and no cancellation can be made by Member/Verified Member.
  1. In the event of a suspicious transaction made through INDODAX service, INDODAX has the right to terminate/deactivate INDODAX Account on Member/Verified Member and block transaction funds and delay transactions to Member/Verified Member, until there is a notification from INDODAX.
  2. In the event of a suspicious transaction and/or transactions that exceed the transaction volume limit set by INDODAX for Member/Verified Memberfor any reason, then INDODAX has the right to delay crediting funds to the INDODAX Member/Verified Member Account and/or do blocking the Account Member/Verified Member until the investigation process is completed within the period specified by INDODAX.
  3. If it is proven that transaction in numbers 1 and 2 above about suspicious transaction is a transaction that violates the SKU and/or legislation in force, then Member/Verified Memberhereby authorizes INDODAX to debit Crypto Asset at INDODAX Digital Pocket to compensate for INDODAX losses arising from the transactions, without prejudice to the right to make compensation claims for all losses incurred due to the transaction and Member/Verified Member hereby agrees that INDODAX isn’t obliged to refund INDODAX credit or blocked funds as referred to in number 2 provisions concerning this suspicious transaction.
  1. Member/Verified Member hereby expressly agrees to comply with withdrawal limit for both the Digital and Rupiah Assets that apply to the Member/Verified Member Account, and INDODAX which in this case applies Anti Money Laundering(AML) principles in accordance with the regulations of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia are empowered and the right not to process transactions that have exceeded the daily withdrawal limit which as determined by INDODAX.
  2. The withdrawal limit is reset again or returns to 0 (zero) every 00:00 West Indonesia Time (WIB).
  3. Additional withdrawal limits can be made by submitting an application through link, where Member/Verified Member is required to fill, include and print all information contained in the form above the stamp of Rp6,000.- (six thousand Rupiah) and the Member/Verified Member must send soft copy this document either through photos or scan results, and make sure the writing can be read clearly, not crop, sensor or digital engineering in any form; to [email protected] with subject “Request for Increase in Withdrawal Limit“.
  4. The process of approval or rejection of an increase in the absolute daily limit limit is INDODAX authority with the consideration from the audit team and law on demand, transaction history, source of funds, and purpose of transactions use and could not be intervened. Member/Verified Memberwho is refused to increase his limit could only submit a request again with a period of 1 × 24 (one twenty-four) hours.
  1. INDODAX provides services for conducting Crypto Asset transactions in the form INDODAX vouchers(hereinafter referred to as “voucher“), either in form of making, or disbursing vouchers that can be accessed on the ‘Voucher’ menu with the security system that can be selected by the Member/Verified Member that we recommend using 2 (two) steps of the security system. The voucher services was found on this link
  2. That Voucher made, purchased or cashed will affect the Member/Verified Member balance which can be seen in Voucher history on Member/Verified Member Accounts related to the history of Member/Verified MemberVoucher can be purchased or made with the minimum limit of Rp1,000.- (one thousand Rupiah) either through INDODAX or through the INDODAX official exchange partner. INDODAX through these terms and conditions, it is advised not to conduct transaction activities through other space media including but not limited to chat interactions (hereinafter referred to as “chat-room”) on INDODAX website. This matter is intended to anticipate fraud on behalf of the partner ex-changer INDODAX. INDODAX appeals to Member/Verified Member to be able to contact the partner ex-changer INDODAX directly through the contact listed on the website when finding, knowing, experiencing an activity related to an action or activity on behalf of partner ex-changer INDODAX. All transactions that occur between Member/Verified Member with partner ex-changer INDODAX above is not the responsibility of INDODAX.
INDODAX program is official program provided by INDODAX in services, the program can change at any time in accordance with INDODAX policy. This program includes:

  • INDODAX PRIORITAS MEMBER Indodax Prioritas Member is a program provided by the Indodax, by giving more benefits to Verified Member. More information about Indodax Prioritas Member can be seen at:
  • COMMUNITY COIN VOTING Community Coin Voting is an Indodax program for determining the new coins to be registered with INDODAX. In this program Verified Member INDODAX could be participate by selecting coins and giving votes to supported coins. More information about this program can be seen at:
  • AFFILIATION PROGRAMS Affiliation Programs is a program provided to Verified Member who have successfully promoted INDODAX to the other Members, with affiliate benefits determined by the INDODAX and can be seen further at: of the affiliation programs include tax, and on Verified Member who want proof of taxes payment can contact [email protected]
    1. Using INDODAX brand and logo for any purposes must obtain writing approval from INDODAX in advance.
    2. Every verified member who joins affiliate program must follow the terms of using INDODAX brand and logo guidelines.
    3. Using INDODAX brand and logo is only allowed for certain matters related to transaction activities involving INDODAX and does not violate applicable laws and norms, and stated as a result that does not constitute for using other party’s works without any rights or plagiarism and can be published. Violation of these statements and guarantees will result of every participating member in affiliate program being solely responsible for all costs that arise for losses including legal process settlement costs and legal service fees; including but not limited to acts of defamation, unpleasant acts, duplication. Verified members who participate in affiliate program will disclaim INDODAX from all existing lawsuits, claims, and reports and pay to INDODAX for all losses suffered.
    4. Verified members who participate in affiliate programs are prohibited from uploading content with INDODAX brand and logo on websites, blogs, and social media containing ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group relations (SARA), pornography, politics, and or other elements that violate the applicable laws and regulations.
    5. INDODAX is prohibiting anyone for using INDODAX Brand and logo to support any kind of criminal acts, including but not limited to corruption, bribery, narcotics, psychotropics, labor smuggling, human smuggling, banking sector, capital market sector, insurance sector, customs sector, human trafficking, illicit arms trafficking, terrorism, kidnapping, theft, embezzlement, fraud, counterfeiting, gambling, prostitution, tax sector, and terrorism.
    6. INDODAX reserves the right to issue reprimands and sanctions and other legal efforts to anyone who uses INDODAX Brand and logo without any INDODAX’s permission and or commits other violations in order of using INDODAX logo resulting in losses to INDODAX.
INDODAX provides services in Mobile Application (hereinafter referred to as “Cellular Application“), with the following conditions:

  1. In regard to the use of Cellular Application by the Member/Verified Memberand user, INDODAX has the right to request and collect the information regarding the mobile devices that are used by Member/Verified Member to access the Cellular Application provided including but not limited to the hardware, operating systems, unique device identifiers, cellular network information also includes the personal data such as e-mail addresses, addresses, cell phone numbers, aliases, passwords, Seller PIN codes and other information needed to use this mobile application service;
  2. This Cellular Application has been tested by INDODAX researchers and developers and in its use, INDODAX calls for caution in its use and INDODAX can not guarantee the performance and this Cellular Application always runs with the desired results;
  3. INDODAX and Developer are not responsible and are not bound to any form of profit or loss that may occur as a result of using this Cellular Application. Benefits referred to increasing number of balances in the form of Crypto Asset or Rupiah formats. As for the intended losses, these include but are not limited to the: reduced balance in Crypto Asset and/or Rupiah format, failure to execute the API and all orders, network/signal problems, occurrence error on the system or error caused by factors in other forms;
  4. In the use of Cellular Application, Member/Verified Memberor User has agreed that in any circumstances, Member/Verified Member is prohibited from: doubling, copying, reproducing, translating, changing the system, modifying, removing the installation, removing the arrangement or trying to divert source code of this software product;
  5. All decisions in the use of this Cellular Application are decisions that are voluntary or independent made by the Member/Verified Memberor User without coercion from the INDODAX and the Developer. For this matter, the Member/Verified Member or User releases INDODAX and the Developer of all forms of claims, compensation and all responsibilities in any form;
  6. The Member/Verified Memberor User states that they understand the limitations of the security and privacy but are not limited to: (i) limitations on security, privacy and authentication size and features in service; and (ii) all data and information in services may lead to eavesdropping, forgery, spam, sabotage, password piracy, interference, fraud, electronic abuse, hacking, and system contamination, including but not limited, viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, which cause the invalidity, damage, or dangerous access, and/or restore information or data on Member/Verified Member computers or other security and privacy hazards. If the Member/Verified Member do not want to be subject to these risks, Member/Verified Member was recommended not to use Cellular Application or this service.
  1. In order to facilitate transactions, and build the Crypto Asset community in Indonesia, INDODAX collaborates with several international companies that are also engaged in the world of Crypto Asset and blockchain. The official INDODAX partner is found in the following link.
  2. In order to facilitate and for our national official partner is available at this link.
  3. INDODAX doesn’t cooperate in any way with chain social gathering companies, cloud mining, MLM, Ponzi SchemeMoney Gameand HYIP that offer profits from trading or using Crypto Asset, and does not cooperate with the Biclubnetwork, BTCPanda, MMM Global, MMM Indonesia, Onecoin, Binary, BITCOINTRUST2U, BTCPANDA, BITKINGDOM, BITCLUBNETWORK, MMM GLOBAL, MMM Indonesia, EUROBIT, ILGAMOS, FUTURENET, E-DINAR and are not responsible for the use of the above services by Member/Verified Member;
  4. Companies that are not recorded inside the Website can be interpreted as not or not in collaboration with the INDODAX. The INDODAX does not recommend any company including companies that cooperate with INDODAX. All decisions to use the service are the responsibility of each User.
  5. INDODAX hereby explains that it has no official affiliation with partner mentioned in paragraph (3) above. All transactions that occur between Member/Verified Member and the companies above are not the responsibility of INDODAX.
  Member/Verified Member Complaints here are related to data violation notifications and/or if problems occur about ownership of Crypto Asset owned by Member/Verified Member. If these problems occur, the following mechanisms that must be done by Member/Verified Member include:
  1. Regarding Member/Verified Member complaints, Member/Verified Memberhas the right to notify INDODAX with the following conditions:
    • If Member/Verified Memberreceives the spam, all forms of wild advertisements and/or electronic mail on behalf of the names other than INDODAX that request personal data and/or disturb the comfort of Member/Verified Member;
    • If there is a crime practice of theft and fraud of Crypto Asset which results in the loss of Crypto Asset in the Member/Verified MemberAccount;
    • If there is an alleged violation of Member/Verified Memberdata by another party which is not explained in points a and b above.
  2. Member/Verified Membercan submit a complaint by filling out the complaint form provided by the INDODAX. The complaint form could be downloaded directly at which we provide or can be downloaded here;
  3. With regard to the practice of misusing Member/Verified Memberdata by other parties which results in spam or skimming practices, Member/Verified Member can request complaints by the following mechanism:
    • As indicated in point 2, the Member/Verified Membercan make a complaint by filling out the complaint form that we have provided and could send to the email [email protected];
    • We will immediately follow up the report by handling complaints within 3 x 24 hours;
    • If within that period, Member/Verified Memberdoes not get service from us, then the Member/Verified Member could send the complaint form back to the email [email protected] and/or contact through INDODAX representative office;
  4. Regarding the loss of Crypto Asset in Member/Verified MemberAccounts as a result of criminal offenses practices of electronic parties by other parties, Member/Verified Member can make complaints with the following mechanism:
    • As indicated in point 2, the Member/Verified Membercan make a complaint by filling out the complaint form provided;
    • This report will be carried out by the initial handler where the Account will be suspended by the reported party (the unexpected party) that holds or retrieves the Member/Verified Member  Crypto Asset;
    • The admin will forward your complaint report to the legal team to process further handling. The next handling is in the form of clarification with the reported party (the unexpected party);
    • If this clarification stage is successful where the reported party gives a response, mediation will be carried out with reporting party (in this case Member/Verified Memberwho reports);
    • If the mediation is unsuccessful then it will proceed through the report to the local police and we will prepare the requested data.
  1. All services inside the Website does not provide any warranty or guarantee and the INDODAX does not guarantee that Website will always be accessible at any time.
  2. Member/Verified Memberstates and guarantees that they will use INDODAX services properly and responsibly and not take actions that are contrary to the laws, rules and regulations that apply in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  3. Member/Verified Memberstates and guarantees not to use INDODAX services in the sale of goods and/services related to:
    • Narcotics, materials and/or chemicals for research;
    • Money and anything similar to money, including derivatives;
    • Goods and/or services that violate Intellectual Property Rights;
    • Ammunition, firearms, explosives, sharp weapons in accordance with applicable legal provisions;
    • Goods and/or services that show the personal information from Third Parties that violate applicable laws;
    • Support for Ponzi schemes and matrix programs;
    • Goods and/or services related to lottery purchases, lay-away systems;
    • ervices related to bank that are outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia;
    • Credit card payments;
    • Settlement of credit and/or debt settlement;
    • Support for prohibited organizations or prohibited by the government.
  4. Member/Verified Memberdeclares and guarantees not to use services for the actions involved in practice of gambling and/or other activities that charge entry and promising prizes, including but not limited to casino games, gambling in sports, businesses that facilitate gambling and lottery methods.
  5. Member/Verified Memberdeclares and guarantees that all the data, information and documents provided by Member/Verified Member to INDODAX are true, legal, honest, transparent, complete and accurate data, information and documents. Member/Verified Member states that they are willing to be prosecuted in the criminal manner and if the INDODAX knows or obtains information from any party that the data, information and documents provided by Member/Verified Member turns out to be untrue/not true/false. Member are willing to update data/information (profile update) if at any time requested by INDODAX and all documents have been given become fully owned by INDODAX.
  6. INDODAX has provided sufficient information and explanation regarding INDODAX services that will be used by Member/Verified Member in accordance with provisions in SKU and Member/Verified Memberhave understood and understood and willing to bear all consequences that may arise in connection with the use of INDODAX services including benefits, risks and costs inherent in services and services.
  7. Member/Verified Memberhereby agrees and authorizes INDODAX to use all the data, explanation and information obtained by the INDODAX regarding Member/Verified Member including but not limited to the use of Member/Verified Member’s personal communication facilities for all other purposes as long as possible and permitted by applicable legislation, including those aimed at marketing the INDODAX products or other parties, in collaboration with INDODAX. For data usage that requires approval of other parties, with this Member/Verified Member stating that there has been written approval from any third parties for the data usage, explanation and information, and therefore Member/Verified Member guarantees and agrees that INDODAX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to the Member/Verified Member or any party of risks, losses, demands and/or responsibilities that may arise in the future in connection with data usage, explanation and information that has obtained such written approval by INDODAX.
  8. Member/Verified Memberdeclares and guarantees that transactions carried out using INDODAX services are transactions that do not violate provisions of prevailing laws and regulations and provisions regarding receipt of the transaction implementation as stipulated in SKU. In the event that INDODAX finds indications of transactions that are not in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation and/or provisions regarding acceptance of transactions arranged in SKU, then INDODAX has full rights to close the Member/Verified Member Accounts by disabling INDODAX services on the Member/Verified Member and the Member/Verified Member hereby agrees that INDODAX hereby will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to the Member/Verified Member or any party for claim and/or demands arising in connection with the deactivation of the INDODAX service on the Member/Verified Member.
  9. Member/Verified Memberstates and guarantees that risks to use of services, products and promotions of Third Parties with Member/Verified Member (if any), are borne by Member/Verified Member, and Member/Verified Member states that INDODAX is not responsible for the service and the performance of Third Party services.
  10. Member/Verified Memberhereby are fully responsible and agree that INDODAX will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to Member/Verified Member or any party for any losses and or claims and or demands that arise or may be experienced by INDODAX as a result of negligence or failure of Member/Verified Member in carrying out transactions.
  11. Member/Verified Memberhereby guarantees the INDODAX that the Member/Verified Member along with all employees and/or other parties work with the Member/Verified Member will not reproduce and/or make, give, rent, sell, move, transfer, and/or switch INDODAX services either partially or wholly to other parties for any reason, including but not limited to misuse of services to make transactions other than those specified in SKU for any purpose, including but not limited to crime/fraud /deception. If Member/Verified Member violates these provisions, then Member/Verified Member must be responsible for any losses, claims and/or suits arising from these violations and hereby agree that INDODAX will not provide compensation and or liability in any form to the Member/Verified Member or any party for any claims or demands and/or claims arising from the violation
  12. As a form of our commitment and compliance with GDPR, INDODAX guarantees that together with the General Terms and Conditions (SKU) that:
    • INDODAX continues to be committed and guarantees of our Member/Verified Memberpersonal data and will act decisively if the other parties have used our Member/Verified Member information data;
    • INDODAX guarantees transfer of cross-border Crypto Asset;
    • INDODAX always applies protocols and mechanisms in the form of permission requests and approvals or notifications to Member/Verified Memberfor all forms of data processing in marketplace in depositing, withdrawing and/or updating data.
  1. Member/Verified Memberagrees to bear any risks, losses or consequences suffered by the Member/Verified Member caused by, among others:
  2. damage, delay, loss or error in sending order and communication, electronically caused by Member/Verified Member;
  3. INDODAX Account report or notification of the use of INDODAX services sent to the Member/Verified Member isreceived or read or misused by an unauthorized party on the INDODAX Account,
  4. Account password known to other people/parties for Member/Verified Membererrors,
    • Member/Verified Memberunderstands and agrees that Member/Verified Member will use INDODAX Accounts and services for transactions that do not conflict with applicable laws and/or INDODAX internal policies and/or other regulations that apply nationally and internationally related to the execution of the transaction, either directly or indirectly, and INDODAX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to the Member/Verified Member or any party for any claims and/or claims and/or losses arising in connection with use of INDODAX services by Member/Verified Member for transactions that are categorized as suspicious transactions and/or transactions that are prohibited by provisions of laws and/or INDODAX internal policies that apply and/or other regulations that apply both nationally and internationally that are related to transaction activities carried out by Member/Verified Member directly or indirectly.
    • In conducting transactions using INDODAX service, Member/Verified Member understands and agrees that there are certain sanctions imposed by government, including other State governments and/or the other authorized agencies on several countries, bodies and individuals. Refer to this, INDODAX has the right not to carry out/process transactions that are a violation of provisions of sanctions, and competent authorities can require disclosure of related information. INDODAX is not responsible if or other parties fail or delay the execution of the transaction, or disclosure of information as a result of direct or indirect violations of the sanction provisions.
  1. Crypto Asset Trading is the high-risk activity. Crypto Asset Price are volatile, where prices can change significantly over time. In connection with price fluctuations, value of Crypto Asset can increase or decrease significantly at any time. All Crypto Asset or not, have the potential to experience a change in the value drastically or even become meaningless. There is high risk of loss as a result of buying, selling or trading anything on the market and INDODAX is not responsible for changes in fluctuations in Crypto Asset exchange rate.
  2. Crypto Asset Trading also has additional risks not experienced by Crypto Asset or other commodities on the market. Unlike most currencies guaranteed by government or other legal institutions or by gold and silver, Crypto assetare a unique Crypto Asset and are guaranteed by the technology and trust. There is no central bank that can control, protect the value of Crypto Asset in a crisis, or print the currency.
  3. Member/Verified Member is encouraged to be careful in measuring financial situation and ensure that Member/Verified Member is willing to face risks involved in selling, buying or trading Crypto Asset. Member/Verified Member is strongly advised to carry out personal research before making a decision to trade Crypto Asset. All decisions on trading Crypto Asset are independent decision by user consciously without coercion and release INDODAX for trading activities in Crypto Asset.
  4. INDODAX does not guarantee the long-term sustainability of Crypto Asset traded or exchanged in this marketplace.
  5. With regard to mining activities Crypto Asset need to be rectified and confirmed that INDODAX does not carry out mining, producing or printing Crypto Asset activities. Crypto asset was created and mined using the software specifically by miners that are scattered randomly throughout the world and was interconnected with the peer-to-peer technology on the blockchain.
 Without reducing the intent of provisions regarding restrictions contained in the SKU, then the Member/Verified Member is prohibited from doing the following:

  1. Member/Verified Member was not permitted to take actions that can cause harm to INDODAX and/or contrary to the SKU and applicable laws and regulations.
  2. If Member/Verified Memberviolates one or several conditions in this provision, then the Member/Verified Member will be fully responsible and hereby agree that for such violations INDODAX has right to limit use INDODAX services and Member/Verified Member knows and agrees that the INDODAX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to that Member/Verified Member or any party for any risks or consequences arising from restrictions on the use of these services. Member/Verified Member hereinafter obliged to pay compensation to INDODAX in the amount of the value of the loss that INDODAX might experience for the violation. Member/Verified Member hereby authorizes INDODAX to debit Member/Verified Member Accounts for such compensation payments. In the event that funds in Member/Verified Member Account are not available and/or insufficient, then the Member must return all of the funds in cash to INDODAX within no later than 7 (seven) working days from the time INDODAX submits that claim.
While working with INDODAX and at any time afterwards, then:

  1. Any information and/or data provided by INDODAX to Member/Verified Memberand or data obtained by Member/Verified Member as implementation of SKU either given or delivered verbally, written, graphically or delivered through electronic media or information and/or data in other forms during the course of the conversation or during other work are confidential (hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information“).
  2. Member/Verified Memberagrees and coincidences that at any time keep confidential information obtained as an implementation of cooperation with anyone or will not use it for the interests of Member/Verified Member or the interests of other parties, without first obtaining written approval from the authorized official from INDODAX or other authorized parties in accordance with applicable legal provisions.
  3. If Member/Verified Memberviolates provisions referred to in number 1 and 2 of the provisions regarding this confidentiality then all losses, claims and/or suits experienced by INDODAX are full Member/Verified Member responsibility, and at the first request of INDODAX, Member/Verified Member is obliged to settle it in accordance with the applicable legal and statutory provisions and provide compensation that may arise from violation to INDODAX. Member/Verified Member hereby agrees that INDODAX will not provide any form compensation and/or accountability to Member/Verified Member or any party for claim and/or suit may arise in the future in connection with violation.
  4. The obligation to keep confidential information as referred to in number 1 and 2 as regarding the confidentiality becomes invalid if:
  5. Such confidential information becomes available to the general public.
  6. Confidential information is ordered to be opened to fulfill the order of court or other authorized government body.
  7. Confidential information is provided in accordance with applicable legal provisions.
  8. Member/Verified Memberagrees to make every effort and take action needed to avoid third parties in gaining access to or resulting in disclosure of confidential information.
  9. In the event that the collaboration is over, Member/Verified Memberagrees that the obligation to keep documents and material that is confidential information as stipulated in this provision will remain valid.
  1. Member/Verified Member agrees that Default is the following thing or event:
    • Default. If Member/Verified Member isnegligent in carrying out an obligation or violates a provision in the SKU.
    • Incorrect Statement. When it turns out that statement or guarantee given by Member/Verified Member in the SKU – is incorrect or not in accordance with the reality.
  2. In the event of an occurrence of negligence based on number 1 the provisions of this negligence by Member/Verified Member, then INDODAX can choose whether to continue or close Member/Verified Member If INDODAX wishes to close Member/Verified Member Account, then request must be notified to Member/Verified Member at a reasonable time according to INDODAX.
  3. In the event of an occurrence of negligence by Member/Verified Memberas intended, then has the right to immediately deactivate Member/Verified Member Account on INDODAX without having to make the prior notice to Member/Verified Member, and Member/Verified Member hereby agree that INDODAX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to Member/Verified Member or any parties for all demands and/or claims and/or suits and/or compensation requests from parties that may arise in connection with the occurrence of such negligence.
  1. Member/Verified Member declares and agrees INDODAX as the holder of ownership rights to services, software, technology tools and content, websites and other materials including Intellectual Property Rights related to the INDODAX facility.
  2. Member/Verified Member only allowed to view, print and/or download material copy from Website for personal and non-commercial use. All commercial uses need to get permission from INDODAX. Every commercial activity without permission from the INDODAX is interpreted as a violation of INDODAX Intellectual Property Rights and results in the termination of the INDODAX Account on Member/Verified Member.
  1. To implement precautionary principle, INDODAX has the right and Member/Verified Member hereby authorize INDODAX to block part or all of Member/Verified Member balance (hold amount) and/or debit and terminate Account, if the following occurs:
    • There is a request from the bank due to an error in sending funds and the bank is asking for blocking;
    • In the opinion and consideration of INDODAX there was an error in receiving transactions;
    • INDODAX is used as a shelter that is indicated as a result of crime including but not limited to the Corruption, bribery, narcotics, psychotropic, labor smuggling, people smuggling, banking, capital market, insurance, customs, excise, human trafficking, arms trading darkness, terrorism, kidnapping, theft, embezzlement, fraud, forgery, gambling, prostitution, taxation and terrorism;
    • Member/Verified Member considered negligent in performing obligations based on the SKU;
    • INDODAX policy or by the government or authorized agency or the applicable regulations, so INDODAX required to block and or freeze INDODAX Account.
  2. In the event of account termination, Member/Verified Member agrees and states that is willing to remain bound by SKU to stop using INDODAX services, give right to delete all information and data in INDODAX servers, and declare INDODAX not responsible to Member/Verified Memberor Third Party for termination of access and deletion of information and data in Member/Verified Member
That taxes on trading activities of Crypto Asset are taxes borne by each activity actor, in this case Member/Verified Member and INDODAX. Member/Verified Member can consult tax payments to Personal Tax Consultants, and Indodax does not cover Member/Verified Member taxes unless otherwise specified in these Terms and Conditions.
INDODAX has implemented network and security actions as information security network against unauthorized access to the use, changes and/or disclosures of Account, with security standards that are in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation. The entry of parties is responsible for access in the use, change and/or disclosure Account from third parties due to the Member/Verified Member negligence and/or errors resulting in the risk borne by the Member/Verified Member, then INDODAX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to Member/Verified Member or any other parties for any risks, responsibilities and demands that may arise due to the negligence/deliberation/error of the Member/Verified Member  in providing information.
Force Majeureis defined as events that occur outside of INDODAX capabilities and power, which affect the execution of transactions, including but not limited to:

    • Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters;
    • War, demonstrations, riots, terrorism, sabotage, embargoes and mass strikes;
    • Economic policies from the Government that affect directly;
  1. As long as INDODAX has carried out all its obligations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations relating to the occurrence of Force Majeure, INDODAX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to the Member/Verified Memberor any other parties for any risks, responsibilities and demands anything that may arise in connection with the delay or failure to carry out obligations due to Force Majeure.

INDODAX always strives to maintain secure, convenient, and well-functioning INDODAX Services, but we cannot guarantee continuous operation or that access to our Services can always be perfect. There is possibility that information and data on INDODAX website are not available in real time.

I. INDODAX does not guarantee that the result obtained from the use of services will be accurate or reliable.

II. Member / Verified Member agrees that Member / Verified Member utilizes INDODAX Services at the Member / Verified Member’s own risk, and that INDODAX Services are provided to Member / Verified Member on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis.

III. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, INDODAX (including Parent Company, directors, and employees) is not accountable, and Member / Verified Member agrees not to hold INDODAX accountable, for any damage or loss (including but not limited to the loss of money, reputation, profit, or other intangible losses) directly or indirectly caused by the following:

  • Inability of Member / Verified Member in using INDODAX services falls under personal risk.
  • Loss of Use, Loss of Profit, Loss of Income, Loss of Data, Loss of Goodwill, or Failure to realize expected deposits, for any case directly or indirectly.
  • Any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential losses, arising from or in connection with the use or inability to use INDODAX website or services including, but not limited to, any losses caused by it, even if INDODAX has been informed about such probability of losses.
  • Any losses caused by omission of Member / Verified Member including but not limited to omission in login through third party’s device and/or failure to keep the confidentiality of device used for login.
  • Condition and quality of crypto product or asset which can be traded.
  • Violation of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Disputes between Members / Verified Members.
  • Defamation of other party.
  • Any misuse of Asset purchased by Member / Verified Member.
  • Loss due to unofficial payment to other party other than to Official Account of INDODAX which, by any means whatsoever, uses the name of INDODAX or negligence in the writing of account and/or other information and/or omission on the part of the bank.
  • Fitness for a particular purpose, durability, title, and non-infringement.
  • Virus or other malware (bot, script, automation tools) obtained by accessing or connecting to INDODAX services.
  • Skimming or hacking process, which causes loss to Member / Verified Member in INDODAX Services.
  • Any disruption, bug, error, or inaccuracy in INDODAX Services.
  • Damage to your hardware from the use of any INDODAX Services.
  • Enforcement action taken in connection with the account of Member / Verified Member.
  • Any hacking committed by a third party of the account of Member / Verified Member.

IV. Member / Verified Member acknowledges and agrees that the only right the Member / Verified Member has in connection with any issue or dissatisfaction of services is to stop using the services.

  1. Member/Verified Memberagrees to communicate with the INDODAX in electronic format, and agrees that all terms, conditions, agreements, notices, disclosures or any other forms of communication provided by INDODAX to Member/Verified Member are electronically considered as written.
  2. Member/Verified Memberagrees to receive e-mail from the Website. E-mail sent can contain information about Accounts, transactions, systems, promotions and so on.
 Any conflicts, disputes or opinion differences (hereinafter referred to as “Disputes“) arising in connection with the implementation of cooperation will be settled in the following ways:

  1. That every Dispute, as far as possible, will be resolved by means of deliberation to reach consensus.
  2. Any Disputes that can’t be resolved by deliberation will be resolved through the West Jakarta District Court.
SKUs are made, interpreted and enforced based on the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. and Member/Verified Member agreed to choose a common and unchanging legal residence at the Registrar’s Office of the West Jakarta District Court. MISCELLANEOUS

  1. This SKU is subject to and enforced based on the Acts Number 8 of 2010 about the Money Laundering and PPATK Head Regulation PER-09/1.02.2/PPATK/09/12, No.PER-12/1.02/PPATK/06-13, No.PER-12/1.02.1/PPATK/09/11 and No.PER-02/1.02/PPATK/02/2014. All transactions with nominal value above Rp100,000,000.- (one hundred million Rupiah) are required to report the transaction to the PPATK.
  2. For things that have not been regulated in the SKU, all provisions in the Civil Code and the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations will apply.
  3. If INDODAX changes the contents of this SKU then INDODAX will notify changes to the Member/Verified Member in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations through media notices that are considered good by INDODAX then Member/Verified Memberwill be subject to the changes to the SKU. Changes to each attachment from the SKU will be agreed upon and hereinafter constitute a unity with and are an integral part of the SKU.
  4. If Member/Verified Memberdoes actions outside of KU provisions, Member/Verified Member will be fully responsible and hereby agrees that INDODAX will not provide compensation and/or liability in any form to Member/Verified Member, or any party to all demands and/or claims and/or suits submitted by other party in connection with the actions taken by Member/Verified Member.
  5. Member/Verified Membershall be comply with all requirements listed in the SKU. Member/Verified Member Negligence comply with or implementing contents of SKU on one or several occasions will not eliminate Member/Verified Member obligation to fulfill all the requirements contained in the SKU.
  6. The questions about the Terms and Conditions or other matters, are made through [email protected].


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